To write and publish easy-to-read self-learning eBooks, in the form of "How-to" step-by-step training guides, for learners to acquire the essential soft skills critically needed in their pursuit to achieve Personal, Career & Business Successes - anywhere, anytime at their own pace through the use of the digital media using notebooks, tablets & smartphones.

1)  7 Steps to Success
 The Main eBook (must read)
​2)  Personal Management Skill Set
​ Set of 10 eBook titles
​3)  Communication Skill Set
​ Set of 9 eBook titles
​4)  Information Analysing Skill Set
 Set of 5 eBook titles
5)  People Builder Skill Set
 Set of 15 eBook titles
6)  Innovation & Creativity Skill Set
 Set of 2 eBook titles
7)  IT & Digital Skill Set
 Set of 3 eBook titles
8)  Key Management Skill Set
 Set of 10 eBook titles
9)  Others
 To Be Advised Later

Avatar Success eBook Series

Our Mission

1)  7 Steps to Success (must read, main book)  

​2)  Time Management Skill

3)  Self-Organisation Skill

4)  Goal Setting Skill

5)  Assertiveness & Self-Confidence Skill

6)  Personal Productivity Skill

​7)  Personal Branding Skill

​We are still writing the rest of the eBook titles. Will update and publish on this website when avail.

Available eBook Titles